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Colour Experts at Andrew Barton Salons use the 24*7 because it’s such a great way to prepare foils.

“They are much neater than hand torn ones and there are lots of options in terms of length, width and fold size to suit our individual preference.

Our assistants are able to work with the stylists creating fashion and instead of spending hours tearing foils, our juniors can do something more productive in the salon and be part of the team. The benefits of the 24*7 are really well rounded – great for saving time and money and great for the team – perfect!”

Andrew Barton

“Nicky Clarke loves the NEW 24*7 from Procare. Our specialist hair colourists work to the highest standards and the speed, efficiency and professionalism of the 24*7 really helps them to achieve this.”

Andrew Vaughan-Williams, Salon Manager Nicky Clarke Mayfair

“The 24*7 reflects the professionalism of Trevor Sorbie Salons and comes highly recommended by us – the choice of foil lengths and fold sizes is perfect for us and we are enjoying the time and cost benefits of using it too.”

Nathan Walker, International Technical Director. Trevor Sorbie Salons

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